Azimio lays ground for people's baraza in Nakuru and Nyandarua

He said the rallies are meant to push the government to lower the high cost of living.

Kioni said Azimio will not stop the the people's baraza until the government addresses their demands.

Plans for the Azimio rally in Nakuru emerged days after Kenya Kwanza announced a national prayer meeting in the county on February 12.

Addressing the press at the Jubilee branch offices in Milimani Estate, Nakuru, Kioni said they were determined to continue with their onslaught against President William Ruto's administration.

"This was a meeting of Jubilee leaders, members, and other like-minded persons who are waiting for the Azimio baraza here. We are coming to Nakuru soon," he said.

The Azimio people's baraza in Nakuru is likely to be held between February 17 and 19 after the Machakos rally on February 10.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti who was elected on a Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya ticket has distanced herself from the planned rally. She recently declared that she would work with Ruto.

The Azimio people's baraza planned for Nakuru is likely to face resistance from Governor Susan Kihika who was elected on President Ruto's United Democratic Alliance ticket.

"There is sufficient basis for us to continue fighting this regime for stealing our victory. We are in a strange country where the minority had their way and the majority had their say," said Kioni.

He said the meeting with Jubilee delegates involved sensitising them on why the Azimio brigade led by Raila Odinga was holding a people's baraza.

"We have new evidence that has emerged on what happened last year (during elections). There is the question of what you do when you are the winner and somebody else is sitting on your chair," he said.

Kioni said the Kenya Kwanza regime was targeting their real and perceived enemies in total violation of the law.

"The unfortunate downsizing of the security detail of former President Uhuru Kenyatta is shocking. No former president has ever been treated in such a manner. It is a silly decision," he said.

Nakuru Jubilee branch chairperson Joseph Gichuru described the meeting as successful.

"We have deliberated on matters affecting the county and the country. With the guidance of the national office, we shall forge a way forward for the interests of all Kenyans," said Gichuru.

Former Nakuru County Speaker Joel Kairu said some actions of the Ruto administration have shocked them and they would not continue watching as things fall out of place.