Young damsel stalls traffic to get steamy kisses going

Traffic snarl-up on Thika Road. [File, Standard]

A young woman has been fined some 20k—in this dry, January month—apparently because she couldn’t control her passions and had to stop in the middle of a road to make out with her boyfriend.

From court proceedings, police alleged the 26-year-old woman and her man had interrupted the flow of traffic somewhere around Thika Road Mall when things got too steamy. When police intervened, the young woman insulted them using words and expressions that cannot be repeated in a family paper. Appearing before a Makadara court this week, she was fined for creating a disturbance and offensive conduct. Both charges carry a Sh10,000 fine or six months imprisonment. It’s not clear why the man was not charged, or even who between the two was driving at the time of the incident.

Without those facts, one can only speculate that if the man was driving, then he should have been charged with obstruction. From the reports, it appears the woman was charged for confronting and insulting the policemen.

But there should have been a joint charge of “offensive conduct” if that’s what emanated from their public kissing. Still, that shouldn’t be a crime as people do that all the time, unless of course obstructing other motorists constitutes a breach of public peace.

The lingering question: if people around those two lovebirds can hardly breath, or even go about their regular business unhindered, then it’s time the man and woman in question reviewed their union. Evidently, the two are not healthy together.