The money factor in Nyamira teacher's death

Ezekile Nkeere, Head teacher at Getengereirie primary school whose body was found dumped in a house in Nyamira County. [Eric Abuga, Standard]

Detectives investigating the murder of a primary school headteacher in Nyamira have discovered a trail of suspicious withdrawals of cash from his bank account.

The money was transferred to individuals who later handed it to the suspected killers of Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa after taking some of the money. Those who received the money included a boda boda rider. The money was transferred using the victim's phone.

Peter Kiboro, the County Criminal Investigations Officer said they need to get all statements of accounts from banks and mobile banking wallets of the slain teacher.

“We have ascertained some withdrawals were made using his mobile phone line but we are yet to ascertain if the suspects withdrew more cash from the teacher’s bank accounts. This will be clear when we get orders to acquire the accounts statements,” Kiboro said.

Detectives suspect that the murder may have been a result of a deal gone sour.

A 33-year-old nurse and her 30-year-old boyfriend, who is said to be a National Youth Service officer, are the main suspects. They are still at large.

Preliminary investigations indicate some undisclosed amount of money may have changed hands between the nurse and the victim, days before he was killed.

After the killing, they took his mobile phone and police records indicate that the phone signal died at Paramount Plaza in Kisii town on December 30, the same day the teacher was killed. His wife had reported him missiing two days before he was found dead.

The suspects transferred money from his mobile phone to other people who say they are innocent.

“The suspect with the victim’s phone said he had a Fuliza overdraft and wanted to withdraw the money using somebody else’s phone. That is how the suspects we have in connection with the money trail are telling us,” Kiboro said.

The first person, a boda boda rider, was sent Sh4,000 and withdrew Sh3,900. He then surrendered Sh3,600 to the suspects.

The second person used by the suspects to withdraw the monies is a mobile money agent. An unspecified amount of money was deposited in her bank account. She later withdrew the cash and gave it to the suspects who then went out on a drinking spree.

Two suspects were arraigned on Thursday when the detectives sought orders to hold them for 14 days to conclude investigations. The main suspects are still at large. "It is just a matter of time before we arrest them," said Kiboro.

A neighbour of the suspect nurse became suspicious after hearing a man screaming and asking for mercy in her house. The neighbour said other tenants also heard a man groaning in the nurse's house and went to find out what was happening. They found the nurse outside the house and she told them that she was hosting a New Year's party, hence the noise.

A plot by the suspects to transport the body in a hired car failed after the owner of the vehicle became suspicious. Detectives said the suspects poured acid on the body and then dismembered it. Plastic bin bags were found in the house where the decomposing body was also discovered.