Are you always forgetting items in a hotel room?

Opened suitcase with family belongings on the floor in a hotel room. [iStock Images]

A vacation at a destination of your choice can turn out to be a nightmare and a stressful encounter by small things such as forgetting a valuable item in your hotel room.

This is complicated further by the fact that trying to track down your forgotten belongings with hotel management can be painful, stressful, and sometimes impossible. 

One important thing that you should always do before leaving the hotel is set a reminder on your phone to check your valuable items, documents, and other items that you could easily forget. 

When unpacking your items at the hotel room, establish a routine of putting things in the same place you put items in a hotel room, regardless of your destination. For example, always keep your cell phone at the bedside, and jewelry on the desk. This way, you will remember to check these places before leaving the room. 

Instead of  “spreading” out your items such as jewelry, documents, and other items all over the hotel’s wardrobe, drawers, cabinets, bathroom, and toilet tops, have one bag that you could use. This way you will have your things in a large central place that you are unlikely to forget. 

If you travel with items and documents that you are likely to forget, make a list, Set an alarm for this list to sound either on the night of your departure or what time is suitable for you. This way, you will check the counter to ensure that all the items on the list are packed. 

Hotel nightstands, drawers, and cabinets are the most likely places to forget to check before checking out of your room. Use these cautiously. It is advisable to use the table, drawer, and cabinet tops to place items as it is unlikely they will be forgotten when it comes to checking out. 

Plan to always do “a last sweep” of your hotel room outside of any distraction (kids, phone calls) when doing this task.