Gideon Moi crowned, elders say time to lead the country has come

Baringo senator Gideon Moi gets blessings from the Lembus Council of Elders at Tinet Shrine in Eldama Ravine on July 30, 2022. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Kanu chairperson Gideon Moi’s senatorial bid yesterday got a boost after he was endorsed by elders in an early morning ceremony.

Lembus Council of Elders endorsed the Baringo senator as he seeks re-election for a third term in a coronation ceremony at Tinet shrine in Tinet Forest in Eldama Ravine. The elders led by their chairperson Joseph Leboo braved the chilly morning to conduct the ceremony. Only men were allowed to the shrine. Women had to wait till the ceremony was over to meet the senator.

Elders led Gideon to the shrine where they conducted the ceremony, and handed him the community’s instruments of power giving him the mandate to seek not only the senatorial seat, but also the presidency. To the elders, Gideon is a man on a mission not for himself but for the community.

“We are here because of our dear Senator Moi. To give him our blessings as a community and being the original home for his uncles, we wanted to endorse and bless him,” he said.

Leboo said the shrine is a blessing ground for leaders. He noted that not everyone is blessed as the community is very particular about one’s character. He said if one is crooked, he should not expect to go anywhere near the shrine.

Leboo said they have not heard the senator insult anyone and this is why they always feel aggrieved whenever he is insulted. He said as a community they treasure him as their own and will protect him. He said no one else will be endorsed for the same seat Gideon is seeking. The elders said with the coronation, they have made him their spokesperson and a community pillar. They also instructed him to take care of the country. The elders said Gideon was ready for the task ahead of him, adding that he had the qualities of a national leader. Traditional prayers were also held as the elders called on God to protect the senator from any evil. They said no one should speak ill of him.

After the ceremony, Gideon met the women who handed him a white cockerel as a gift as they celebrated his coronation. Joseph Tiongik, the Council secretary assured Gideon of the community’s support. Tiongik urged Gideon to take the bull by the horns and address issues affecting the community.

“The senate seat is yours and we wish you the best,” Tiongik said.                     

Gideon in his address thanked the elders for their support and the trust they had in him. He assured them that he was still focused on the country’s top seat.

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