Address the marijuana abuse among youths

 Those found abusing marijuana ought to be punished. [iStockphoto]

Studies show constantly getting high can harm one’s cognitive functions.

However, many young people, despite knowing this, constantly try to get high. As more states move to legalise marijuana, the effects of weed abuse should not be underplayed. This has often been viewed as the best way among addicts to socialise, but they seem to have forgotten the adverse effects that weed can have on the brain. 

Marijuana use also leads to poor performance in the workplace. Inspection of workers should help administrators ensure effective labour output in the respective places of work. Those found abusing marijuana ought to be punished. Organisations should educate workers on the negative impacts of marijuana.

What’s worse, is that presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah seems to be marketing legalising marijuana as a solution to Kenya’s financial solutions. Perhaps he ought to also address how he will deal with the problem of drug abuse, especially among youth.

Charles Kairu, Nakuru