Elegant, versatile and durable roofing tiles for your dream home by MRM

Mabati Rolling Mills Chief Executive Officer Menish Mehra. [MRM]

The roof is the crown of a home.

As the first thing you notice from a good distance, a visually appealing one is a gift you keep giving yourself every time you come back to your home. And when you do, you would want to feel secure. This protector part of your home gives comfort and warmth during heavy rains and cold days. So, what better idea than to make a visual statement while reaching for a quality piece?

When planning to get tiles for your roofing needs, three tile profiles come to the top of mind. Elegantile, Orientile, and Versatile. These three tiles are big on durability. You can express your style using an array of colours; charcoal, chocolate, tile red, maroon, brick red, and dark green. The tiles come either in gloss or textured finish, therefore, radiating elegance.

Produced by Mabati Rolling Mills, the tiles were relaunched in June after a decade-plus in the market. The Mabati Rolling Mills CEO Manish Mehra explains that they sought to create excitement in the market by relaunching the tiles in June.

“When creating elegantile, versatile, and orientele, we wanted to create something that will be in line with the taste of the consumers. A product that will fit well into the overall style of their home,” says Mehra.

The roof is the crown of a home. [MRM]

Mehra takes pride in maintaining stable prices for consumers over the years. The tiles have a warranty that lasts between 5-15 years, proving the faith they have in the tiles.

“I would say that the prices are friendly because the tiles last longer. When a person buys it, they won’t replace it in a long time. It is worthwhile to buy a thing once than buying the same thing over and over because of poor quality,” says Mehra.

Esther Gitau, the Product Marketing Manager at Mabati Rolling Mills, is pleased that consumers can go for both aesthetics and quality with tile options they offer.

“We are trying to avail options to the consumer to express their style. For one consumer, Orientile may exude sophistication, for another consumer, Elegantile could bring out that for them. Let the roof make a statement for you,” says Gitau.

“The materials for all three tiles are steel, aluminium, and zinc. They are coated using a superior technology that gives tiles strength and longevity,” says Esther.

Article written by Anjellah Owino.