Ringa Boys High School on the spot over student's death

A family in Migori has put Ringa Boys High School in Hom

Rooney Rolex died on Sunday at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

a Bay to task over the death of a Form Two student.

Rooney Rolex died on Sunday at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

But his family has accused the school of hiding the truth about what caused the death.

The controversial story of Rolex’s death began when his mother Jacinta Njeri took him from school on Thursday last week.

Njeri had travelled from Nairobi after being called by Rolex’s class teacher to go and take her son from the school over his illness.  The school had informed her that her son was ailing and needed proper medical care.

Njeri who is a resident of Godroye, Wasio Location in Suna East became suspicious when she got conflicting information about the duration of her son’s illness.

“The school told me that he had been sick for only four days yet the boy said he had been sick for two weeks but the school was reluctant to let me know. I don’t know why that delay occurred,” Njeri said.

She took her son to Nairobi where she operates her business so that he could be attended to at local health facilities.

They arrived in Nairobi on Friday but Rolex’s condition worsened the following day.

She rushed him to a health facility in South C but the condition aggravated.

“A doctor in the hospital told us that the boy had a blood clot in the head. This made us inquire more before we realized that the boy was hit by a metallic rod that had been used for erecting a tent in the school about two weeks ago,” said Njeri.

Rolex’s condition continued worsening and he was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

He was taken to KNH the same day before he died the following day at about 3 pm.

“Rolex died when he was still undergoing some medical tests,” she added.

But the mother is accusing the school of failing to tell her the truth about what injured her son’s head.

“My son was hit by a metallic rod in the school. I don’t know how this incident occurred and why but it is what caused the clot in his head,” Njeri said.

She told the school to clarify the matter.

“I don’t know why the school has been silent on my child’s sickness. Let them come out and explain,” she said.

However, Ringa Boys Principal Augustine Muma said the student was not hit by a metallic rod. Muma said the boy was suffering from some illness which drew the teachers attention.

“The boy died in the hospital after falling ill. We are the people who called the parent before my deputy released her son officially over the medical condition,” Muma said.

He said the school was waiting for postmortem results to tell truth about the matter.