Kibaki children Judy and Jimmy recount growing up under his parenting

Jimmy Kibaki and his sister Judy Kibaki [Standard]

The daughter of the late President Mwai Kibaki, Judy Wanjiku Kibaki, eulogised her father as a man who, despite his busy political engagements, performed his fatherly duties well.

“He remained dad to us,” Judy said during Kibaki’s burial mass at the Othaya Approved School in Nyeri County on Saturday, April 30.

“He mentored me in so many aspects of life. He taught me patience and to work hard,” added Judy, saying Kibaki was a crusader for good education.

“He had plenty of time for us; he blocked his diary to attend our birthday parties.”

She said that Kibaki’s desire to make her happy saw him travel to the USA on a Saturday evening to attend her graduation the following day, a Sunday.

Kibaki was expected back in Kenya on Wednesday that week for KANU elections.

Judy said she grew up managing her father’s assets.

“He was a democrat, even in his own home,” said Judy.

The ex-president’s daughter said her father was not imposing, and often allowed them to make their own decisions, such as the careers to pursue.

On his part, Jimmy Kibaki eulogised his father as a man who wanted him to pursue a life of excellence.

He narrated how his poor Form Two academic performance at the St. Mary’s School, Nairobi triggered anger in Kibaki.

Jimmy said the former president warned that he (Kibaki) would withdraw him from school and make him look after the family cattle in Naromoru if his grades won’t improve.

Jimmy said the thought of being away from school made his face light up, sparking Kibaki’s anger even more.

The former president then warned Jimmy against laziness, saying there was only one option for him in school – to excel.

The following term, Jimmy’s grades improved after he put in the hard work.

Jimmy also recounted how his father loathed late-coming, especially at night.

According to the ex-president’s son, the latest home-coming time Kibaki tolerated was 1am.

“He said any person who came home past midnight was a vagabond,” said Jimmy, adding: “My father was a disciplinarian and one of the finest role models.”