DCI on manhunt for headteacher who impregnated schoolgirl, took her to abortion clinic

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation based in Kitui County has launched a manhunt against a school headteacher and a medic who are both said to have conspired to help a teen carry out an abortion.
The minor, aged 16 years according to the DCI, had been impregnated by the school teacher who is claimed to have led her to a clinic where the abortion was carried out.
In their statement, the DCI stated that “the minor who escaped death is currently admitted at a Kitui hospital, following a botched abortion attempt over the weekend on February 19, 2022, at a clinic. The class eight pupil delivered a 5-month lifeless male fetus, after being rushed to Mumoni health center in Kitui county.”
According to the victim’s mother, her daughter had complained of severe abdominal pains, prompting her to rush the minor to the hospital. 
After interrogation, the girl revealed that her school headteacher who was responsible for the pregnancy had taken her to a private clinic where she was given some tablets and asked to swallow. 
The DCI further stated that after taking the medication, the teen started experiencing abdominal pains that led to her hospitalization. 
“Detectives have since launched a manhunt for the headteacher who has gone missing and the owner of the private clinic who conducted the botched abortion” reads the statement.