Human rights activists seek protection over abductions

Kidnapped man in a dark room [Courtesy]

At least 150 cases of abduction involving human rights activists have been reported in the county in the last one year. 

According to Salome Nduta, Director of Haki Africa, the most recent case is that of Isiolo gender activist Elizabeth Ibrahim Ekuro who was stabbed to death last week.

It is alleged that Ekuro's assailant lured her from a burial site to a nearby forest and stabbed her several times, leaving her to bleed to death.

Further, Nduta said most human right activists were living in fear as attacks on human rights activists, especially women, continue to rise in the country. 

She said the state should investigate these cases saying the abductions, disappearance and murder appeared to be carried out by either some State actors or criminal out to intimidate them.

"We want the government to fast track investigations on reported attacks on female human rights defenders because we are now living in fear and we can’t perform our duties in peace especially when no action is taken against perpetrators,” she said.

Human rights defenders in the Coast want the government to assure them of their safety following a spate of abductions and murder cases.

Lawyer Yusuf Abubakar said the government has not come out clear to explain the abduction and disappearance of many Kenyans yet some of them are well known. 

“We want the government to give us answers because as we approach elections we are afraid that criminals will use the excuse of lack of investigations to run away with crime,” he said. 

George Owuor, another activist, asked the government to protect its citizens before the matter gets out of control and people take matters into their hands. 

“The President swore to protect the lives of Kenyans but the current events are not pleasing at all. I want to request Kenyans to be vigilant and come out to speak for ourselves,” he said.