Police deployed as security teams meet elders over banditry attacks

Police have been deployed to the border of Isiolo and Laikipia counties following a bandit attack that led to the killing of five people.

Yesterday, Laikipia County Commissioner David Nyameti said a police camp has been established in Tiamamut village which is at the border.

On Tuesday morning, bandits invaded ranches in Laikipia North and killed two rangers and a herdsman. Two of the raiders were killed by rangers.

Residents who engaged in protests on Tuesday blocked Ilpolei-Oldonyiro road demanding justice.

“These attacks had toned down and residents of Laikipia North have had peace. We are taking action,” said Mr Nyameti.

He explained that the bandits attempted to steal cattle, but their plan was thwarted by rangers.

More than 60 bandits engaged the rangers in a shootout.

At the same time, security teams from Samburu, Isiolo and Laikipia counties will be meeting elders from warring communities to solve border conflicts.

Nyameti said the Government intends to engage elders from the three counties, who will in turn convince their young men called Morans, to shun inter-community wars.

“Morans are the ones executing the banditry attacks," said Nyameti. "We want to engage local communities so as to solve the conflicts.” 

The meetings, he added, will be held in Ol Donyiro, Wamba, Kirimon and Archers Post.

Laikipia County suffers constant cases of cattle rustling. Most of the invading bandits come from Samburu and Isiolo counties.

They usually seek to steal more livestock ahead of the dry season.