Battle against child marriage is far from over

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, 4 per cent of children aged 15 were involved in early marriages, while 23 per cent of those aged 18 were married off.

In the fund’s 2017 report, it was found that a good number of these girls were married off to old men.

Early marriages have been a rampant in Kenya, especially due to traditions and cultural norms. Children have inviolable rights under the Constitution.

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Despite this, Kenya is still among the countries grappling with child marriage. Early marriages are fuelled by many factors, chief among these being poverty.

Bride price is still considered a source of wealth in some communities in Kenya. Female genital mutilation has also been another great contributor to early marriages.

To prevent child marriages, parents need to take their responsibilities seriously and ensure their children are well protected and given a proper education.

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Children should not be a means of gaining wealth, but a future treasure. 

Winfred Njeri, Nyeri

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