Avoid sideshows ahead of FKF polls

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) recently appointed an electoral board to oversee elections which are supposed to be held by the end of next month after the polls aborted last year due to, among other things, the need for a new electoral board.

While we commend FKF for the process which was aimed to deliver credible elections, recent sideshows surrounding the elections are not good for Kenyan football and it is threatening to delay the process once again and we might face punishment from the world governing body FIFA. Of late, there have been petitions at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) challenging the electoral process which has created more uncertainty.

Even FKF itself has also been to the SDT saying the latest orders by the Sports Registrar who called off the election last year were unreasonable and unlawful.  While FKF remains focused on winning the battle against the Sports Registrar, two clubs have also joined in the fight against the elections by also seeking audience with SDT. 

For the good of the game, we need to end these side shows and pave way for elections so that the country can avoid a ban whose effects would be detrimental to the growth and development of football. Sports is a source of livelihood for many Kenyan youth hence the need to make sure that Kenya adheres to the stipulated deadline to avoid dire consequences.

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FKF and other stakeholders should know that they have limited time to hold the elections and their focus now should be in ensuring polls are held without hurdles.

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