Let’s celebrate late Moi’s life by finding true value in nationhood

When the sun rises and sets on Wednesday, Kenya will have bid farewell to one of its greatest sons — former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.  

For the next two days, Kenyans will be paying their last respects to the republic’s second president, who will be lying in State at Parliament Buildings.

There’s no denying that President Moi contributed immensely to making Kenya great, riding on his patriotic Nyayo philosophy of peace, love and unity and the rallying call for everyone to mind each other’s welfare.

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For 24 years after taking over the presidency in 1978, he undoubtedly achieved true meaning and richness in Kenyans’ nationhood.

We have seen pointblank how Moi’s death has united Kenyans. In him, we learn that it’s doesn’t matter how you start, what obstacles you face or what period it may take to accomplish a task. What matters is the energy and passion we invest.

From where we stand, we believe there can never be a better way to honour President Moi than a thorough individual reconnaissance by every Kenyan, one that ushers in the peace, unity and the forgiveness he preached.

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The journey to save Kenya from its challenges should go a notch higher in honour of Moi. While no single human being is perfect, Moi did his part. It behooves us to follow suit in the same spirit.

Moi fully knew what he meant when he quipped ‘siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya.’ Today, it’s not an open secret that Kenyans have become restive owing to joblessness, negative ethnicity, insecurity, political tensions and high cost of living blamed on graft and debts. But we can confront these challenges together, without allowing the Kenyan dream to go off the tangent. In his colourful life, Nyayo or the professor of politics as he was popularly known, made a positive impact on the lives of millions of people, locally and globally. Together, let’s celebrate his high moral and religious values while keeping his memory alive. Go well Mzee Moi.

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