Tabichi joins world education summit

Teacher Prize winners Peter Tabichi and Maggie MacDonnell who were invited to take part in discussions at the UN's International Education Day in New York. (Courtesy)

Peter Tabichi, the 2019 Global Teacher winner, has joined educationists across the world to celebrate the International Day of Education, an event celebrated in New York.

This year’s event was focused on the learning crisis and the effectiveness of contemporary responses, and pathways to innovative solutions. It was themed at aligning inclusive quality education policies with sustainable development goals. 

“I was honoured to be among those invited to attend the event that was bringing together key stakeholders across the world. It was great listening on how they committed themselves to upgrade and improve accessibility to education across the world,” Tabichi said.

In the international meeting, it was observed that the global literacy rates had steadily increased since the 1970s but challenges still exist.

The recorded literacy and enrollment rates, education stakeholders across the world observed, do not give insight as to the level of access to quality and inclusive education in different parts of the world. 

The visit comes days after the Sh100 million award winner visited Pope Francis in Sana Marta in Rome, Italy.