Locust menace: Kilifi bishop urges government to consider repentance of past evils

A swarm of locusts spotted in Kamurio Village, Tiaty Sub County on January 19, 2020. [Mercy Kahenda, Standard]

A Kilifi bishop has claimed that the locust invasion being witnessed in the country was brought by God to punish the nation after the leadership messed.

Bishop Thomas Kakala of Jesus Cares Centre Ministries said the locusts menace was biblical and a symbol of punishment by God for going against his wishes. He said the problem could only be resolved through serious prayers.

The outspoken bishop who is based in Malindi said the disaster has proven difficult to eliminate as efforts to spray the locusts has been unsuccessful.

He said in Malindi that the locusts were among 10 punishments given by God in Egypt because the ruler then was arrogant and went against God's commands.

Kakala called for a national prayer day like in the case of Tanzania which he said had turned into a food basket under the leadership of President John Magufuli.

He argued that in Kenya, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) debate had turned into a battle targeting the Deputy President William Ruto instead of sensitising the people about it.

The cleric said he heard the DP's name mentioned 700 times during the Kakamega BBI rally instead of discussing issues that would enlighten Kenyans on constitutional reforms.

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''I am not here to defend DP Ruto because everyone has his or her own sins. But why is it only Ruto being mentioned at the BBI rallies of concern to Kenyans,'' he said.

He wondered why the leadership does not sensitise people on how the BBI will benefit them in their counties and communities. He claimed some individuals were using the BBI for political gain.

''Kenya must change and turn to God. People should repent their sins, and this begins with the king to call his prophets and organize a national prayer day,'' he urged.

The cleric derived analogy from Biblical tales in the book of Exodus explaining the Israeli exit from Egypt, an event which was characterised by locust invasion.

 He said before the locusts invasion, there was a rainstorm that destroyed all the crops in Egypt after which the remaining ones were destroyed by the locusts. The same predicament he said was quite similar to Kenya.

''I am watching and have no problem with anyone. The locusts are God sent because of the problems of the rulers,'' he said.

Kakala said the only remedy Pharaoh used was to call Moses and repent but current political leadership has no prophets.

''When Pharaoh repented God sent wind and removed all locusts to where they had come from,'' he said.

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