Insecurity: ‘Militants’ cause fear in village

A file photo of police reservists at Pandanguo Village in Witu, Lamu County. [File, Standard]
Anxiety has gripped Pandanguo Village in Witu, Lamu County, after dozens of armed men walked into some homesteads on Saturday.

According to residents, the alleged militants entered in small groups at around 6.30pm, posing as guards and asked for temporary jobs to protect crops from monkeys at night.

Reports also indicate a resident was abducted by a separate group asking for direction and food. A resident alerted local police reservists about a suspicious group spotted in the village. The police reservists in turn relayed the information to other security agencies. It is alleged that about 40 armed men entered the village.

According to Witu Ward MCA Jonathan Mketta, a resident of Pandanguo called to inform him there were gunshots in the area.

The report of gunshots triggered a response from GSU and KDF soldiers nearby who rushed to Pandanguo. Residents reported hearing gunshots until late in the night.  This reportedly came from a multi-agency team pursuing some fleeing militants. 

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