Why state must obey court orders

The government’s knack for disobeying court orders is deeply worrying. While the same government expects Kenyans to respect orders issued by courts of law, it cannot be the first to disregard them openly. Kenyans have watched their government disobeying one court order after another, which is not healthy for the rule of law. The law should apply to all equally in all situations and the government cannot choose which orders it should adhere to and which ones to ignore.

Court orders, as has been said, are not suggestions. From the lone involving lawyer Miguna Miguna to another one on Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to other instances including orders on the media, such behaviour does not inspire confidence in the government. Court orders should be followed to the letter.  Citizens are watching keenly and may soon find themselves reading from the same script and following the trend. Contempt of court orders is an idea that must never be entertained regardless of who they are issued against or for.

Since the government and its departments have officers, the country needs to consider holding officials responsible if their departments fail to honour court orders. This is because the government is not run through a vacuum but by people. Probably this will make people ensure the government plays its rightful role. If matters do not change, the nation might wake up one day to a lawless country where no one obeys any laws. That day will be the beginning of anarchy. Nobody prays for that dawn.

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