Private security guards deserve better

The fact is that some private security companies are paying their workers poorly. This was amplified earlier this week when the private security workers appeared before Parliament and laid bare their grievances. Among the issues raised was non-remittance of statutory deductions. But one of the reasons why this could be happening is due to poor regulation of the sector and lack of appreciation of the critical work done by these security guards.

The police cannot be everywhere and this gap is filled by ‘soldiers’ as they are popularly referred to. But their fate seems to be caught up in a vicious circle. A new regulation wants better terms for the security guards which their employers say is not possible. The government regulations require them to pay Sh27,000 as minimum for each security guard. 

The irony is that most government agencies engaging private security services are not paying that amount. It is therefore interesting to hear government make such a demand. There should be consensus over the issue because security guards are also feeling the pinch of inflation, yet their terms cannot be better if the client of their employer is not making enough to cough out the demand. 

Government therefore needs to remunerate well the private security firms as well as set standards for other entities which also want to engage them. This way, the employers will in turn service their employees better and put a stop to this blame game.

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