Runyenjes police inspector hit me, claims nurse

Inspector Alex Munyua also claim he was acting in self defence after being hit on the mouth by the nurse. [Joseph Muchiri, Standard]

A nurse is admitted at the Runyenjes Sub-county Hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by a senior police officer.

Mustafa Hamisi said he was responding to a hit-and-run accident near Runyenjes Police Station when he was beaten by Inspector Alex Munyua.

Mr Hamisi said the incident happened Sunday evening after a motorcyclist hit a vehicle from behind. As the rider fled, he dropped his motorbike's registration papers which Hamisi volunteered to take to the police station.

"But a man appeared, said he was a police officer and demanded that I hand over the documents. I refused since he was not in uniform and had no identification. He turned on me with kicks and blows,” said Hamisi.

He added: “While at the police station, the man kicked me in the chest and I collapsed and lost consciousness."

But Mr Munyua denied beating up the nurse, instead claiming that Hamisi became violent and hit him in the mouth causing him to lose four teeth. The officer also said he was injured in the leg.

Munyua said medics at Runyenjes Hospital, where Hamisi works, refused to attend to him and he was transferred to Consolata Hospital in Kyeni.

Police boss Benjamin Muhia absolved Munyua from blame, saying the officer was injured during a scuffle after Hamisi resisted arrest.

But witnesses accused the policeman of picking a fight with the nurse and assaulting him.

Kenya National Union of Nurses chairman Joseph Ngwasi condemned the attack on the nurse and called for thorough investigations into the matter to ensure that justice is served.