Mombasa tycoon charged with evading Sh200 million tax

Tycoon Abdi Gedi Amin alias Shinow was yesterday charged in a Mombasa court with tax evasion to the tune of Sh200 million.

Amin, who was charged before Mombasa Senior Resident Magistrate V O Odet was however released on a cash bail of Sh2 million.

The accused was ordered to avail himself on Monday to face other tax evasion crimes after his lawyer Adam Hamza successfully applied for his release on bond. “Since the prosecution is not opposing the release of the accused on bond, he can be released on a bond of Sh5 million or cash bail of Sh2 million,” ruled the magistrate.

The magistrate ordered other suspects - Ahmed Mohamed Abdow,Rukia Ali Abdow and Gulf Skytop company - to avail themselves in court on Monday to face similar charges as Amin.

Amin denied the first charge, stating that on June 30 2014 in Mombasa under PIN number A002557439D without any reasonable cause, he failed to submit to the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes, income tax return for the year 2013.

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