NASA UK branch anxious ahead of Brexit

Kenyans living in the United Kingdom have called for a coordinated approach in dealing with any eventuality on Brexit.

Through the National Super Alliance (UK) chapter, the Diaspora said there is need for a central point to channel their concerns as UK grapples with the political challenge on plans to exit the European Union.

NASA chairman (UK) Kivindyo Ndivo said Brexit and its attendant political crisis triggered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson decision of proroguing parliament will affect Kenyans who are British citizens and others who are undocumented.

“The UK is going through challenges, that we as citizens, other dual citizens did not fathom. It is our responsibility as leaders to be prepared of any eventuality. We should educate and prepare,” Mr Ndivo said.

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He added: “I am calling on all groups to come together for the collective good of everyone. We need to have teams in all regions to support our people no matter their political affiliation. Tough times call for collective thinking. We all know the capacity of our embassy is limited. For those with citizenship, dual nationality, lets participate to help the rest of us.”

He urged all leaders in their respective regions to contact the group to arrange for a joint meeting to discuss Brexit and its implication.

The move comes after a 55-year-old woman, who moved to the UK with her family when she was just two, was denied settled status.

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Anna Amato has lived in Bristol for 55 years after emigrating with her parents Mario and Chiara from Italy according to Metro.

“Despite marrying a British husband, Connell, and having two British children, Amato has been told that because of Brexit she is not welcome in her homeland,” says Metro

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