We must take care of vulnerable children

A country can once in a while experiment and gamble with many things. But it is absolutely criminal for a company to gamble with its future. Recent reports of allegations of scandal and embezzlement within the state-owned Child Welfare Society of Kenya should be fully investigated and if true, perpetrators of whatever ills going on in the Nairobi outfit, made to atone for their sins.

It is inconceivable that a small group of individuals can conspire to dim the collective futures of thousands of children by failing to abide by certain rules of engagement expected of every government official. We strongly believe that with proper systems in place budgetary allocations meant for taking care of the less fortunate children should be enough to make the country devoid of children sleeping on the streets.

Instead, the trickle-down effect of this money is hardly seen. Granted, there are children whose school fees are paid for by the state agency albeit after numerous delays. But this is hardly a drop in the ocean of needs that destitute children have.

Although it is government’s civic duty to protect her citizens, Kenyans should go back to basics and be the first to offer support to thousands of children in need. History has shown us repeatedly that although we pay taxes on time, vote, and participate in national activities such as the just concluded census, government has an uncanny habit of failing us when we most need it.

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