Ugandan authorities arrest 30 Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria

At least thirty Kenyan fishermen have been arrested by Ugandan authorities in Lake Victoria.

The fishermen from various beaches in Suba South and Suba North in Homa Bay County were apprehended on Saturday for allegedly fishing in Ugandan waters.

They were arrested by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officers in collaboration with their security officials.

The authorities also confiscated ten fishing boats, fishing gear and fish of unknown value.

The fishermen were arrested while on a fishing expedition in the lake.

The arrests came after the URA officers conducted a raid at Sare and Kiwa Beaches in Suba South where they arrested 15 fishermen and confiscated five boats.

The fishermen were taken to Hama Island for detention.

Homa Bay County Commissioner Harman Shambi confirmed the arrests. He said they were yet to get official statement from the Uganda on why the fishermen were arrested.

“We have not got an official communication from Uganda take appropriate measures into the matter,” Shambi said.

Homa Bay County Beach Management Units Network Chairman Edward Oremo decried persistent arrests of Kenyan fishermen by Ugandan authorities.

He said the arrests are a setback to the fishing community in the county. “Fishermen are tired of making losses in hands of Ugandan authorities. Today, their fishing gears, boats and fish worth unknown value have been taken besides fines which will be imposed on them. For how long will continue suffering in hands of Uganda?” Oremo asked.

The incident occurrs barely a week after three fishermen from Nyandiwa Beach in Suba South were arrested and detained at Hama Island by Ugandan Security personnel.

They were released them four days later after paying a joint fine of Sh30,000.