Homosexuality: Not taking a side on this issue is to take a side

The recent ruling by the Kenyan High Court on a case seeking to overturn a law criminalizing same-sex relationships was good music to the straight people around the globe. The three bench judge comprising of Roselyne Abuliri, Chacha Mwita and John Mativo upheld the penal code, sections 162 and 165 of the law that make such relationships illegal in Kenya. This affirmed the fact that in the face of pressure from the West, the African, indeed the Christian African can still take a biblical position.

This came just days after the passing on of a self-proclaimed LGBTIQ activist, author Binyavanga Wainaina. LGBTIQ people are not just staking claims on their rights in nations but now in church also! 

In Taiwan, LGBTQ activists held a banquet to celebrate the legalization of same sex marriages with over 20 same sex couples tying the knot last week.

This happening at around the same time various Churches in the US were taking sides on this issues as well as the global church is getting embroiled in the murky waters of same sex marriages.

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The US Problems on this matter was compounded in June 26, 2015 when their supreme court ruled that same sex couples can marry across the States. That is why it is important that the Kenyan Supreme Court pronounces itself in no uncertain terms on this matter and thank God the bible is not silent on this matter too. 

Those demanding for affirmation of homosexual behaviour are proposing something that we should all be bewildered of when we think eternity.

It is very sad that one place where this is being pushed is in the Western church at the precise moment our culture is making this a defining issue. This should give us enormous pause.

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If we construe marriage as being between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, we radically distort what God the creator intended. When we alter the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, we radically alter the gospel message which marriage is meant to visualise. The Bible’s teaching on marriage alone is enough to settle the issue.

Note that not all tolerance is godly, and it is Christ-like to be intolerant of certain things. It is time nations, individual Christians, churches and denominations globally, including the Anglicans and Methodists in the West and Europe as well as the South came out clear on this issue. Not taking a side is actually taking a side, hence, I congratulate the Kenyan High court for a bold decision to pronounce itself once and for all on the LGBTIQ issue.

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