Siaya man beaten to a pulp for ‘spoiling’ married woman

A middle-aged man is nursing injuries at Bondo sub-county hospital in Siaya County after being attacked by a teenager for allegedly spoiling his mother.

David Omondi, who is now in police custody, reportedly gave his mother’s lover a dog’s beating in Bondo town injuring him in the process.

The young man is said to have accosted the said lover, kicked him in the chest, while demanding to know why he was spoiling his mother.

A witness present at the scene said the teenager appeared to have been angered by grapevine in the village that the said man was dating his mother who is still married to his father.

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“He asked him why he was spoiling his mother, then went wild, kicking him and raining blows on him,” said the witnesses.

 Adding: “It is a taboo here for people to talk about your mother’s affairs in your presence. The teenage just lost his cool given his mother had become the talk of the village.”

Local administrator Juma Abuko confirmed the incident.

“He pounced on the man and started beating him up like a thief before passers-by saved him and took him to hospital,” Abuko said.

Police arrested Mr Omondi who now faces assault charges.

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