The male househelp who set off to be his own boss


I have been engaged in hawking of eggs and groundnuts for the last six months.

Previously, I was subsisting on odd jobs that came along and had worked as a house help and a farm hand.

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The inconsistency of a steady income as I was shunting from place to place looking for casual work made me try my hand in something else.

Being own boss pays, but to know the value of that shilling I have to be on the ground walking up and down looking for customers.

My day begins from the afternoon with exception of some like public holidays.

There are few challenges like competition, being seen as a menace in some places like social ones and turned away and also complaints that an egg at Sh20 is a bit expensive as there is a glut in the market of the produce.

Factoring the cost of spices like tomatoes and onions, with charcoal thrown in that goes into preparing them; it would not make business sense selling at a lower price.

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The combined income from both eggs and groundnuts, after the costs are factored, is Sh700 on a good day and from Sh250 on a slow one.

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