Helicopter crashes into New York's Hudson River after missing landing pad

Two people have been injured after a terrifying helicopter crash in the River Hudson in New York.

Shocking video shows the aircraft miss a landing pad and become submerged in water.

According to DailyMail.com, the only person in the helicopter was pilot Eric Morales, who was rescued from the river.

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He is said to have suffered a cut to his hand.

Another person at the helipad was injured but turned down medical attention, it is reported.

Witnesses believe that the helicopter was on its way to pick up passengers.

The cause of the crash is not yet known.

A witness told CBS: "I was riding my bike to work, and you know, I see helicopters take off all the time from here and I heard kind of like a boom after one of them was taking off and I looked over and I see the helicopter that took off.

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"It wasn't very high and it started spinning out of control.

"And it was spinning and kind of slow but then the airbags deployed and it dropped into the water."

The New York Fire Department posted on Twitter: "FDNY units are operating on land, and in the water, on scene of a helicopter in the Hudson River. There are currently no injuries reported."

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