Assure farmers of fertiliser quality and availability to achieve food security

There has been a lot of hullabaloo arising from debate on suitability of fertliser available to farmers across the country. The emotive discourse has further been compounded by the quality and availability or lack of this key commodity.

Without delving into the finer details of the matter, it is important to note that farmers play a critical role in the wellbeing of this country and ought to be safeguarded from any form of exploitation. There are instances where farmers have been left at the mercy of profiteers by the government, leading to massive crop failure and attendant food insecurity. State agents have in the past been unhelpful in clearing doubts or protecting farmers from such dangerous exposure. The same agencies supposed to protect the farmerare most of the times involved in tuff wars and supremacy battles leading to confusion.

The government should make it its business to ensure farmers get their fertiliser in good time after satisfying that hazardous material is not allowed to circulate. 

It is self-evident that compromising the quality of farm inputs such as fertliser not only leads to massive loses to farmers but also exposes the country to foodinsecurity. In the circumstances where countries have failed to feed their countries the end game has been instability and stunted development.

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An army, military strategists believes moves on its stomach and likewise a country’s development can only be achieved if the citizenry’s belly is full. The government should therefore start prioitising the needs of farmers and address such issues as the quality of fertiliser and seeds even as it offers support services to the food producers. Without this, the Big Four agenda would remain a mirage.

Agriculture should be treated as the critical pillar upon which all the other government programmes ought to be predicated on and farmers therefore should be regarded as critical players in the realisation of the country’s aspiration. It is, therefore, time that the Kenyan farmer is insulated from preventable loses by being assured of quality inputs whenever they are required. It is our hope that all state agents will collectively act to decisively safeguard the interests of our farmers. ?

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