Proposed law seeks to ban export of raw coffee

Gatundu south Jubilee party nominee Moses Kuria.
A new bill seeks to ban the exportation of unprocessed coffee.

The Crops (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2019 proposes that all coffee shall be processed in the country and clearly labelled as a Kenyan product before it leaves the country

Today, foreign firms process the product abroad and later bring it back to Kenya as imported coffee.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the regulations made with respect to coffee shall expressly specify inter alia that all coffee grown in any of the counties of Kenya shall undergo processing, production and packaging in Kenya and may only be distributed, marketed or exported in its fully processed form,” reads the bill sponsored by Kiambu South MP Moses Kuria.

According to the lawmaker, the country spends billions of shillings annually on imported coffee that originates from the county in its raw form. Mr Kuria said he could not understand why a country such as Germany was ranked as one of the largest exporters of processed coffee yet it does not produce the crop.

“County governments receive a lot of money and there is no reason why they cannot set up the processing plants. We have seen counties such as Kitui set up textile factories. The same can be done for coffee,” he told The Standard. The bill will be introduced in the House.

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