Elachi will never return to Assembly as Speaker, House leaders say

Beatrice Elachi had moved to the Employment and Labour Relations Court after the last September impeachment. (Courtesy)
The Nairobi County Assembly leadership has slammed the door shut on embattled Speaker Beatrice Elachi saying they will never work with her.

The leadership maintained that it is impossible to accept Elachi back as the Assembly Speaker, adding that due process was followed during her impeachment.

Majority Leader Hassan Guyo cautioned the court against forcing MCAs to work with someone they have lawfully impeached.

“The courts while determining the matter must take into consideration the Assembly’s unanimous decision to kick out Elachi,” he said to the media.

Guyo said the House has made tremendous progress under acting Speaker Chege Mwaura and does not want to go back to woes witnessed during Elachi’s reign.

The Assembly’s Minority Leader Elias Otieno said the House had moved on and no longer wants to talk about Elachi.

“Let the court give a ruling on the matter because it is their mandate to do so, but we also have a mandate as House which we effectively undertook in September. We followed legal procedures and Standing Orders to remove her and that will never change," said Otieno.

Otieno said the ruling will not change anything or the decision taken by the MCAs in September.

"Even if the ruling was in her favour, we will still not work with her. We had moved on long time ago and now have a competent acting Speaker,” he added.

Elachi had moved to the Employment and Labour Relations Court after the last September impeachment in a unanimous decision that saw 103 MCAs vote against her.

The leaders spoke ahead of Friday's court ruling where a decision on Elachi’s fate will be made.

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