Ongoing Huduma Namba registration a success, says CS Matiang’i

CS Fred Matiangi
Kenyans will be able to register for the Management System (NIIMS) registration process, better known ‘Huduma Namba’ even after the May 17 deadline it has now emerged.

Speaking during a registration exercise at Standard Group PLC offices in Nairobi attended by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i a registration official said the kits will be taken to chiefs offices where Kenyans can continue registering. 

“The exercise will not end until everyone is captured therefore the kits will be stationed at the chiefs’ offices for those who will have missed out after May 17 deadline,” the official said.

He said Kenyans who will not be in the country by the time the deadline elapses will still be able to visit the chiefs’ offices and register once they come back.

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“Even those in the diaspora will not be left out, it is a continuous process and will see to it that everyone is part of the process.”

Matiang’i termed the ongoing Huduma Namba registration a success and hailed Kenyans for embracing the exercise and urged many people to come out and register before the May 17 deadline.

The CS also urged Nairobi residents to come out and register adding that registration centres in the capital now open up as early as 6am.

He cautioned Kenyans against listening to lies about the registration and urged everyone to visit the centres with any identification documents they have be it passport, Identity Card or both and get guided by the clerks.

There people spreading lies that the registration clerks require all manner of documents, you visit the centres with any identification document you have and you will get help.

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“Our centres in Nairobi are open by 6am and Kenyans can register before they go to work,” Matiang’i told Standard Digital.

The CS also thanked the media for helping the government create awareness and said measures have been put in place to ensure that many Kenyans are registered.

“You can see everyone is involved including you the media. We have competent clerks, all our chiefs and even police officers are here to ensure the exercise runs smoothly,” he said.

Standard Group PLC Chief Executive Officer Orlando Lyomu urged the company’s employees to take advantage of the mobile registration centre and register for Huduma Namba and avoid last minute hustles.

“I believe Huduma Namba is a good thing for the country and we urge our staff to come out and register,” said Orlando.

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When asked how many people have been registered so far, Matiang’i said the government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta will give a report soon on the exact numbers, but said so far so good.

“I don’t want to pre-empt because President Uhuru is going to speak on this matter in a day or so time,” he said.

The Cabinet Secretary said so far no hitches have been reported and that soon all Kenyans will register.

“We are happy we haven’t witnessed any hitches so far and we hope by the end of the process, many Kenyans will have registered.”

The government now targets estates, companies and institutions in Nairobi to make the registration easier.

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Deputy County Commissioner Mawira Mungania earlier this week announced that the registration clerks will be visiting organisations and institutions.

“Huduma staff will visit organisations and institutions with their registration kits to make it easier. We have already visited offices and malls to conduct the exercise,” he said.

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