Husband forgives wife after busting her stuck with another man

A man and woman stuck while having sex at a guest house in Mbale on 22/1/2019.

A Homa Bay man has forgiven his wife after he busted her in bed with a mpango wa kando.

The two lovebirds, however, didn’t fully enjoy ‘the forbidden fruit’ after they got stuck.

Their screams attracted residents who flocked the lodging to catch a glimpse of the bizarre incident.

Speaking to The Nairobian, the woman’s husband, David Ochieng’, 24, said he consulted the services of a witchdoctor since he suspected the wife was cheating.

Ochieng’ claimed that his wife had lied to him that she was going to visit her parents, but he became suspicious after she switched off her phone.

“I came to the witchdoctor who promised to nab my wife, whom I suspected was sleeping around with different men,” Ochieng’ said.

He said he came from Kendu Bay on January 21 and upon arriving in Kisumu, the witchdoctor told him to head to Mbale, where his wife was with another man.

“He told me to go to a certain lodging where I will find my wife with another man. Upon arriving at the hotel, I found her there having stuck with another man. They were stuck in a sex lock and residents were milling around the hotel to catch a glimpse of the unfolding drama. The witchdoctor had informed me that he was the only one who could separate them,” he said.

Ochieng’ said that he was shocked by the incident, but has chosen to forgive her.

“I was shocked beyond words. I love her because she is my wife and the mother of my two children. I chose to forgive her despite betraying me. I will continue living with her because she is my wife and we have come from far together,” Ochieng’ said, adding that, “I’m waiting for her to heal and take her home.”

According to one of the workers at the lodging, Ochieng’ wife checked in with a man and they paid for a room.

However, they were attracted by weird screams coming from the room.

“We heard some noises and commotion from the room and suspected something was amiss. We were shocked when we opened the door and found the couple stuck,” an attendant at the guest house, who refused to be named, said.

The Ugandan witchdoctor, popularly known as Dr Waswa, who was ready to separate the two lovebirds, said he has been in business for 10 years.

He claims Ochieng’ approached him and he was really desperate.

“When he approached me, I told him that he had come to the right place, and I would help him only if he paid a certain amount of money. He accepted and asked to be given a week so that he could look for the money,” Waswa said.

Waswa said that he uses special medicine to trap randy couples.

“There is some medicine that they need to bathe with tomorrow, after which they will be okay. The man who was found will have to pay some cash also to be freed, otherwise he will remain stuck,” he added.

Locals lauded the witchdoctor, saying he can help in reducing sexual immortality.

“This should be a lesson to many other people who are out there destroying families. They should learn to respect anyone who is married,” Anne Agisa, a resident said.  

The man, who was shielded by the police, was identified by locals as an Administration Police officer who works in Mbale town.