Teacher supervising night preps killed, three suspects in custody

A teacher supervising night preps at Hopewell School, Nakuru, was Friday morning found dead.

Three suspects, including a Form four student, have been arrested in connection with the killing.

The director of the School, Vitalis TIX Kahendah said the teacher had confiscated a mobile phone from the Form Four student earlier in the day. He added that the phone belonged to one of the suspects who is not a student but lived in the school’s neighbourhood.

It is suspected the attackers who viciously beat the teacher to the head were let into the school compound through an opening in the perimeter wall.

 “I think the motive is the phone, which was confiscated from the student. Our rule here is that once a student is found in possession of a mobile phone, it is confiscated and handed over to him/her at the end of schooling. This might have informed the attack,” said Kahendah.

The body of the teacher was taken to Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

Hopewell School was founded in 2009 by its director Kahendah, a former Starehe Boys High School alumni.