USIU-Africa wins Best Student Short Film Award

72Hrs Film Series winners. [Photo: Standard]

USIU-Africa’s School of Communication, Cinematics, and Creative Arts have won the Best Student Short Film Award at the recently concluded 72Hrs Film Series 2018 competition held in Nairobi.

The university beat thirteen other film schools in Kenya to secure a win by presenting, Mad Love, film that impressed a panel of judges comprising of renowned film makers from the France, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Uruguay and the United States.

72Hrs Film Series, is an online Pan African film competition aimed at unveiling the untold African stories, by giving both industry professionals and student filmmakers a platform to tell African stories by Africans, to the world.

This comes at a time when Kenya is premiering the series in Africa with USIU taking advantage of the event by starting a Cinematic Arts training.

The team comprising Collins Akunga (Director), Achleus Barrys (Scriptwriter), Rachael Muthoni (Production Manager), Andrew Ogonji (Editor), Assistant Professor of Film and Animation Dr. Rachael Diang’a (Producer) and Radio and Television Technician Mr. Zerubbabel Odera (Technical Advisor) are behind this short film.

The film, Mad Love (2018), stars Andrew Ogonji (as Red) and Rachael Muthoni (as Debbie) where Red falls in love with fellow college student, Debbie but does not have courage to face her due to her high social standards and influence in campus. He later uses different trick to implore her in which Debbie accepts.

This film has positioned USIU-Africa’s Film Production and Directing program in the forefront in the country and the region.