Most wanted thief arrested, 60 phones recovered

Police have arrested a man suspected to be a notorious thief in Wundanyi.

According to area Assistant Chief Givan Mwangaghe, police recovered more than 60 mobile phones, several gas cylinders and TV sets among other electronic equipment.

The items had been stolen from locals, including public servants residing in the town.

Taita Taveta County government has been grappling with rising cases of burglary during the holiday season.

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Speaking to The Standard on Monday, Mr Mwangaghe described the suspect as "very dangerous criminal". He was said to have escaped police dragnet for long.

“The suspect has been pretending to be suffering from high blood pressure only to steal from residents. The recovered goods were found hidden in a cave at Kitukunyi Hills, where the suspect has been operating from,” said the administrator.

Police custody

He said the suspect had earlier escaped from police custody but was later re-arrested in Malindi town and jailed for one year.

Upon his release, he said, the suspect engaged in crime before his arrest on Monday.

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Police also raided Kambanga, Mkuki, Mgeno, Chunga Unga and Bura areas inhabited by miners and arrested illicit brewers.

Government officials in Mwatate described Kambanga as a notorious manufacturing den for illicit brews mostly consumed locally.

They said the brew was also transported to Mkuki for distribution to neighbouring villages and towns.

“We have dismantled 70 per cent of those engaged in the vice. We have also sustained a crackdown to ensure the manufacturing plant does not operate,” said the chief.

The administrator said the dens were a security threat, as they were used as hideouts of aliens and criminals.

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