Why dead lizards, used condoms, panties are used to ‘cook’ chang’aa

Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Gathiru lifts used condoms from a chang'aa drum
Residents of Nairobi who love local booze will have to think twice before straying into those dingy drinking dens in estates.

You have probably been quaffing a cocktail of dead lizards, panties, and used condoms for many months in those dens without your knowledge.

The sickening revelation, one that can push you to puke, came to light last week in Nairobi’s Kayole area.

The strange paraphernalia were discovered following a sting operation led by Embakasi Central MP Benjamin Gathiru popularly known as Major Donk - following a tip-off by area residents.

More than 5,000 litres of illicit brew was destroyed during the operation. But no arrests have been made after the owners fled from the ‘breweries’.

“We discovered used condoms, panties, dead lizards and used diapers inside a drum of chang’aa. We understand these are used as charms intended to lure customers,” said Mary Wambu, one of the residents.

The Nairobian has since learnt that brewers in the estates have resorted to juju to woo customers. The panties, most of which are stolen form clothelines or belong to the brewers, are often prescribed by city witchdoctors to ‘spice up’ the lethal alcohol.

Residents, mostly wives, now want police to conduct extensive patrols in the area to save their homes. They claim their men have become hooked to the drink and have lost their senses.

But even as the area MP conducted the successful search, other brewers are said to have resorted to chest-thumping, claiming they are untouchable.

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