What next for Mudavadi after Raila, Kalonzo land lucrative appointments

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Amani leader Musalia Mudavadi is undoubtedly man of the moment with his positioning as the opposition chief.

The focus appears to be shifting fast to Mudavadi, who went into annals of history as the shortest serving Vice President in independent Kenya.

Currently, the former Deputy Prime Minister is not leaving anything to chance with the opportunity to prove his political prowess beckoning.

The appointment of NASA leader Raila Odinga by the African Union Commission as the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa presented Mudavadi with a lifetime opportunity to take charge of the opposition.

The recent appointment of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka as head of commission on peace in South Sudan meant Mudadavi, the brains behind NASA, would move with speed to consolidate the role of Opposition supremo.

As expected, Mudavadi would come out to declare himself the new Opposition sheriff in town. 

He told KTN News he was prepared to lead Kenyans in holding the Jubilee administration accountable.

A soft-spoken but shrewd political technocrat, Mudavadi took scathing attacks at his NASA co-principals for claiming to be in Opposition even after going to bed with the Jubilee administration. Raila has since denied being a government servant, arguing that he was at liberty to criticise President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration if need be.

“Opposition exists effectively where it is supposed to be, I myself have not joined the government. I don’t have any position in the government, nothing stops me from criticising the government,” said Raila.

The ODM leader said he only agrees on certain issues with President Kenyatta.

Barrack Muluka, a strategic public communication adviser and ANC Party secretary general has chided both Raila and Kalonzo for choosing to work with Jubilee. He insists that whatever happens, the flame of Kenya’s opposition must never be extinguished and backs Mudavadi to the herculean task.

Questions however abounds with many asking whether Mudavadi could fit in Raila’s big shoes and keep the government on toes.

A recent encounter where Mudavadi found himself on receiving end after asking Uhuru to mitigate on the huge public debt at the burial of Kalonzo’s father could be the beginning of his long and turbulent political journey in the Opposition.

The President dismissed Mudavadi over the matter, saying what was needed is prudent spending of borrowed funds.

Political analyst Martin Oloo believes Mudavadi has taken the right political path.

“What we should ask ourselves is whether Mudavadi could become President without enjoying the benefits like his former co-principals in NASA,” said Oloo.

He said the Amani leader is out to market and endear himself to Kenyans ahead of 2022. “He wants to be noticed by Kenyans, he needs not to please anyone, including Uhuru. He should craft alliances with Ford-Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula who is flattering with Deputy President William Ruto,” said Oloo.