64 people arrested in crackdown on non-compliant PSVs

At least 64 people were arrested and several public passenger vehicles impounded in Mumias in the ongoing crackdown on rogue matatu operators.

Police in the area have warned matatu and boda boda operators allowed to operate not to hike fares.

OCPD Peter Kattam said they were watching closely those violating Public Service Vehicle (PSV), regulations and that anyone found will be arrested and charged.

"Nothing has changed in the equation that warrants anyone to hike fares. If you have complied, do your work without unnecessary commotions and if you have not stay away from our roads," he warned.

A total of 64 persons were arrested and six cars nabbed in Mumias Sub County in the ongoing crackdown on non-compliant PSV operators and passengers.

Kattam who led the crackdown in the area stated that among those arrested included drivers, conductors and passengers and bodabodas.

According to the report he released, out of the 64 cases, 9 drivers, 10 conductors, 21 boda boda riders and 8 passengers were among those arrested.

Four PSV vehicles, two personal cars, twenty one motorcycles, a lorry and one tractor were also impounded by police in the intensive crackdown.

Kattam observed that all the arrests were presented in court where drivers were fined between Sh3,000 and Sh5,000 while their conductors fined between Sh2,000 and Sh3,000.

Passengers he said were subjected to a fine of Sh1,000 and Sh2,000 while the boda boda riders were forced to part with upto Sh10, 000.

“We will continue with this crackdown until all our roads in the sub county are free of substandard service providers,” Kattam said.

He said that among the passengers arrested include those who were not wearing seatbelts and those boarding vehicles carrying more than their capacity.

The yesterday crackdown saw those few who managed to escape the dragnet double the fares forcing some passengers to cancel their trips altogether.