Matiangi to launch crackdown on matatus

Fred Matiangi
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi
Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i (pictured) is today set to launch major operations aimed at bringing sanity in the public transport sector.

The CS will meet top police and Transport Ministry officials for a briefing on how the operation, to start on Monday, will be sustained to ensure only compliant vehicles are allowed on the road.

This came as Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet warned that matatus decorated with paintings celebrating violence and notorious criminal gangs would not be spared in the crackdown.

Boinnet said despite matatu culture art usually expressed though graffiti not being illegal, images endorsing gangster culture and violent crime would not be allowed on PSVs.

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“We want to celebrate and bring out positive things in society. Art that celebrates our athletes, applaud football teams, musicians but not some gangsters," Boinnet told a local TV station.

Boinnet warned that loud music, illuminating car lamps and reinforcement of vehicles with bull bars remained unlawful. He said the crackdown would be ruthless.

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