Boy: I saw uncle kill wife, child

Joash Marube Bichanga who is accused of killing his pregnant wife and daughter three years ago. He had denied the charges before Judge Esther Maina. [PHOTO: STANLEY ONGWAE/STANDARD]

A man strangled his daughter before clobbering his wife to death, a court has heard.

Brian Rioba Mong’are said he saw his uncle and another man attack the two.

Joash Marube Bichang’a is charged with the murder of Aznath Kerubo and their daughter Naomi Nyatichi on March 20, 2015, in Tondori village.

Rioba, a pupil, said he had been sent by Marube to buy maize flour but when he returned a stranger dragged him to his aunt’s bedroom, where he found her lying on the bed with her daughter.

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His aunt was trembling and groaning as her mouth had been gagged.

Her daughter, he said, was lying beside her with a red manila rope around her neck.

Rioba said his uncle slapped the woman before hitting her with a metallic object on the back.The stranger used a wooden plank to hit her head.

“They continued to beat her and after some time she went silent. They carried her to my bedroom,” he said.