Seven skills you need to become rich

The world is not short of people who want to be rich, but very few are willing to put in the work required. Being wealthy largely boils down to your skills and attitude, and it hardly ever happens overnight – there are no shortcuts.

But while there’s no ‘push button’ for instant wealth, there are skills you can work on developing to better improve your odds of striking it rich.

1. Discipline

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Success isn’t a sprint but a marathon – it finds those with the ability to put one foot in front of the other no matter the obstacles on the way to the finish line.

If you don’t have the discipline to stay true to your vision, you’re probably not going to hit your goals. Discipline means you’ll take care of the most important tasks relating to your long-term goals before getting distracted by anything else. It means every day, you commit to closing the distance between your reality and your target.

2. Emotional intelligence

Being rich is not about memorising some theory or formulae – it’s about learning how people think and what they need or want, and then using that information to bridge the gaps.

That makes emotional intelligence an important tool in business, and in life. Being rich is not about regurgitating information, but connecting the dots in the real world and finding ways to build a business on what you come up with.

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3. Self-motivation

The journey to wealth is littered with disappointment. If you’re the kind of person who needs other people’s approval to move you, then this journey may just not be for you. You’re in it alone, so you need to be able to motivate yourself to overcome the obstacles in your mind that make it seem like you can’t do it.

4. Maintaining focus

Technology has made it almost impossible to remain focused. With all sorts of fun distractions, it’s difficult to pursue your goals at the expense of other activities that feel good in the moment. You’re setting yourself up for a life of mediocrity if you chase after every fleeting thing.

5. Play the long game

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We tend to do things that impact our immediate future – we study because we have an exam the following week. But for lasting success, we must work today for much further into the future. Ten years might sound so very far away right now, but time passes much faster than we think. Take action now to find success later.

6. How to sell

Selling is all about rationalised persuasion. You can’t avoid it if you’re looking to be successful. Selling is about proving that whatever you’re offering is worth exchanging for money. People will trade their money for things they find more valuable than the money they’ll have to spend.

7. Reading

Successful people read a lot. It works for them because they’re able to gather information on a range of things in a couple of days or weeks. Pursue literature that has a correlation to your goals.

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