#KobiKiharaChallenge: Ex-TV host smoked out for ‘lifting’ photographs

Former television host Kobi Kihara.
Former television host Kobi Kihara was yesterday called out for picking photos from different web sites and passing them as her own on her social media pages.

Plagiarised photograph that exposed Kobi Kihara on social media.
The media personality had posted a photo of a child claiming to be her aunt. Social media users called her out for lifting the photograph from an internet user’s page. The photograph was originally posted on Instagram by the child’s mother who said she did not mind her baby’s photos being used, and requested that they give credit.

“Aunty Kobi can you please remind me how, when we met, which restaurant and in which city? And I will really like to know she became related to you because I gave birth to her and I don’t even know you,” the mother complained.

Then Kenyans on Twitter started making fun of her while using #KobiKiharaChallenge
Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) pointed out that several photos on her Instagram posts were “stolen”. She had posted photographs of food and fashionable shoes which were not hers. On a certain photo of an appetite whetting salad, she even provided the recipe and said she found the ingredients and condiments in her mother’s fridge.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) pointed out that several photos on her Instagram posts were “stolen”.
Under the hashtag #KobiKiharaChallenge KOT posted fake photos to ridicule her. Despite being trolled, she was not bothered at the beginning. “Kenyans though, they just can’t let you enjoy life,” she tweeted, but when she could not stand the heat, she apologised.

“I am sorry to everyone who I misled, forgive me. I should have thought twice perhaps and I guess it got away from me,” she posted on Twitter.

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