Polo: Amistar Xtra are the Rift Valley Cup champions

Rift Valey Polo Cup Mbugua Ngugi,Kimoi Moi ,Izzy Person and Jammie Murray who emerged winner of Culvary Cup during Rift Valley Polo Cup at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil on August 2018:PHOTO Harun Wathari
Handicap 7.5 Amistar Xtra team of Jamie Murray (5.0), Kimoi Moi (2.0), Omwakwe Arunga (0.5) and Dani Murray (0.0) are the overall winners of the Rift Valley Cup.

The Barclays Bank sponsored Rift Valley/Cavalry/Bell Inn Cups Championships concluded yesterday at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil.

Amistar Extra lifted the title after whipping handicap 7 Celest Top team of Archie Voorspuy (3,5), Izzy Parsons (2.0), Ben Stonewigg (1.0), Chris Foot (0.5) 9-6.5 in the six chukka final match in the round robin, the former making the most of the half fraction of a goal given to them for their low handicap.

They (Amistra Extra) had earlier dismissed Cruiser in their penultimate match on their way to winning the title.

“It was tough, but we played as a team for us to run away with the title although it wasn’t easy had we not put our acts together,” Kimoi told said while applauding their captain Jamie Murray after receiving their top prize from Barclays Bank Chief Operating Officer James Muchiri.

Muchiri said they were out to promote the standard of polo among Kenyan youngsters for them to catch up with the rest of the world in global representation.

Barclaycard Gold scooped the second tier tournament in The Bell Inn Cup after dismissing Barclaycard Classic 5-4.5 in the final match, thanks to goals by Amani Nzomo (two), Josh Seagon (two) and Izzy Parsons (one).

Barclaycard Classics replied through a double each by handicap -1.5 Jadini Nzomo and Natasha Tisminieszky (-0.5).

Earlier in the preliminary matches of the same tournament (The Bell Inn Cup), lowly rated Tack Rack went dismissed fancied Barclaycard Signature 2.5-2.

Devin Shretta (0.0) and Tom Stonewigg scored for the winners after starting the match at an advantage of half a fraction of goal.

Izzy Stichbury and Peter Mwangi replied for the buoyant Barclaycard Signature.

On their part, handicap 0.5 Barclaycard Platinum of Mbugua Ngugi (2.5), Nikki Ngugi (0.5), Toby Grammaticas (-0.5) and Fred Gikonyo (-2.0) had dismissed Tack Rack 3-0.5.

Tack Rack was no match for Barclaycard Platinum throughout the two chukka clash.

Barclaycard Signature had lost 2-3 to Barclaycard Platinum, who had a perfect weekend despite not reaching the medal bracket in the round robin tournament.

Later, Actara team of Jamie Murray (5.0), Mbugua Ngugi (2.5), Kimoi Moi (2.0) and Izzy Parsons (2.0) with a total handicap of 11.5 walloped handicap 12.0 Barclaycard Twin Plus 7.5-6 to lift the Cavalry Cup.

Captained by Craig Millar (3.5) and with the assistance of industrious handicap 2.5 National Team star Raphael Nzomo, Barclaycard Twin Plus were no pushovers despite losing the match.

“We gave a good account of ourselves and fought like a wounded lion although we lost the match. We live to fight another day,” said Nzomo (Raphael).

And with the rotation of players from one team to the other, which was meant to give Kenya Under 18 side the required exposure before they face off with the Zambian team at the same venue (Manyatta Club) this weekend in an international assignment, Touchdown that comprised of National Under 18 players defeated Barclaycard Premier 4.5-2.

The Kenya Under 18 side comprising Ben Stonewigg (1.0), Harry Stichbury (0.5), Megan Griffiths (0.5) and Omwakwe Arunga (0.5).

Barclaycard Premier comprised experienced senior players of Joss Craig (1.5), Harry Griffiths (1.0), Chris Foot (0.5) and Dani Murray (0.0). [Ben Ahenda]

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