Date set as DPP eyes solid case against NYSII suspects

National Youth and gender PD Lilian Omollo(right) and the co-accussed on NYS scandal at Mililani law court where they where charged with conspiracy to commit an economic crime on 29/5/18-[Photo: Beverlyne Musili,Standard]

Ex-Principal Secretary of Gender and Youth Affairs Lilian Omollo and 53 others will in early 2019 face trial over their involvement in multi million scandal that rocked the National Youth Service.

A statement from the ODPP indicates that the accused persons in the NYS two scandal will be tried by Anti-Corruption Principal Magistrate Peter OoKo from January 7 to 31, 2019.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Joseph Riungu told the court during an inter-party hearing that they have issued exhibits, witness statements plus other materials that will solidify the case and nail suspects.

Part of their arsenal are the 43 witnesses lined up to testify against the accused during the trial. A group that comprises document examiners, bank officials, contractors and IFMIS officers.

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The ODPP has identified three conduits of presentation during the trial- orally, in documentary form and electronically.

This comes after former PS Omollo was arrested alongside 53 others for their involvement that cost taxpayers Sh468m on May 29, 2018.

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