Mandera leaders meet to address terror snag

Members of the public lining up at the mandera airstrip. This follows the attacks by suspected alshabab terrorists that killed 36 Kenyans who were working in a quarry. [File, Standard]

Mandera South MP Adan Kullow held a meeting with the local security leaders and community elders to address the insecurity problem that has pervaded the region stifling development.

Top on the list of deliberation was the Tuesday terror attack, which left two people dead and two others critically injured in Mandera South Sub County

Speaking during the meeting, Adan faulted security measures exercised by authorities in the sub county as the root cause of insecurity along the border with Somalia.

“There’s laxity along the Kenya-Somalia border, security officers take bribes hence have been compromised”, said the MP

He said he wondered why it took over 12 hours for KDF personnel to respond leaving bodies of the deceased exposed.

“Security apparatuses should team up to assist when such disasters happen”, he added.

He further highlighted the plight of youth who indulge in drug abuse in full glare of the security personnel, as a way of demonstrating incompetence on law enforcers.

Adan said he will advocate for the construction of a rehabilitation center either by the CDF or national government.

Elwak Acting Deputy County Commissioner Paul Kemei requested the local residents to come out and alert the security agents of any alarming danger to enable his team to move fast in tracking and curbing any terrorist before disaster strikes.

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