Boda boda operator murdered in Gilgil

Business in Gilgil town was temporarily paralyzed on Monday after tens of motorcycle boda boda operators held a demonstration to protest the murder of their colleague.

The over 100 operators hooting and screaming, drove around the town before heading to the area police station to present their grievances

Trouble started on Sunday evening after an operator identified as David Njuguna was hired by two customers to ferry them to one of the estates.

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According to the chairman of the operators Steve Ochuka, the passengers turned against the operator with crude weapons before escaping from the scene.

The seriously injured operator was later taken to Gilgil sub-county hospital where he died on Monday morning while undergoing treatment.

“This is the fifth case in Gilgil where an operator has been hired, attacked, robbed and murdered but no arrest has been made and hence our anger,” he said.

Ochuka added that in all the cases, the operators were hit by blunt objects on the back of the head and the motorcycle stolen.

“Four months ago, we recovered the body of one of the operators after a three day search and we believe that this is the same group that is involved in these murders,” he said.

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Gilgil MP Martha Wangari called on police to work with the operators in seeking and arresting the culprits.

While sending his condolences to the bereaved families and the operators, Wangari expressed her concern over the attacks.

“I was involved in the search of the operator who was murdered a couple of months ago and we hope that those behind this heinous action will be brought to book,” she said.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident adding that the operators should give dialogue a chance.

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