President Kenyatta: We will prosecute those who approved buildings on riparian lands

President uhuru Kenyatta at Jacarada grounds where he was issuing the land owners of Eastlands at jacarada grounds on 30/5/18-[Photo: Beverlyne Musili,Standard

President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared his support for the on-going demolitions of buildings that were constructed on riparian lands and water ways.

The Head of State has singled out those who endorsed construction of the buildings as law offenders, who will be pursued and prosecuted.

Uhuru noted on his twitter account: “We will continue to demolish properties constructed on riparian lands, equally punish officials who made approvals for those properties.”

He has stated that the demolition exercise is part of cracking a whip on corruption and that the government is committed to ensuring that people can conduct clean business in the country.

This comes after Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko talked tough on land grabbers and indicated demolition that exercise will carry on and ‘no single house deemed to be built on wetlands will be spared, even his own.’

He said that his own plot in Buru Buru Estate is among structures earmarked for demolition because they were constructed on road reserve.

Sonko indicated that there are 15 public facilities in the city, whose land have been grabbed and that he will do anything ensure that public property is regained.

“Better be a one term governor and leave a legacy than entertaining grabbing of public land and utilities,” Sonko posted on his Facebook page.