Teenage pregnancies rock schools in Elgeyo Marakwet

Education officials have raised the red flag over rising cases of teenage pregnancies.

Concern was raised after five girls at Anin Secondary School got pregnant.

According to one parent, several girls in schools across the region have been impregnated over the past few months.

“Many of them are not in school, but are just sitting at home,” said Sammy Kemboi, a parent from Iten Township.

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Area Education Director Joseph Wamocho said the situation is disturbing, and urged principals to step up counseling to curb the vice.

“The girls, all Form Four candidates at the said school, were found to be pregnant during the course of second term. Already, four of the girls have given birth and two have already returned to school,” said the education boss.

Mr Wamocho said the girls were counselled and allowed to go back to class and the rest will undergo the same procedure.

Total number

He, however, did not disclose the total number of pregnant girls in the county, adding those responsible for the pregnancies should be sought.

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“Ministry of Education inspectors have begun touring schools to assess the situation and record how managements are handling the issue, we will issue a comprehensive statement thereafter,” said Mr Wamocho.

The education official blamed the menace on the long holidays after third term and urged parents and guardians to guide and counsel their daughters.

“The holiday season is long and students are normally idle and if they are left on their own they are bound to engage in immoral behaviour. We are asking parents to engage children in domestic chores so they do not misuse the long holidays,” said education official.

The ministry introduced a long holiday that starts in October through November to December before schools open for a new academic year in January.

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